Hurricane Irma – Post Storm Information 9/13 & 9/14

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Hurricane Irma – Post Storm Information 9/13 & 9/14

Hurricane Irma

Dear Owners and Tenants

Status Update: (September 13, 2017)

1. The property manager met with the insurance agent and toured the property taking additional photos. All damages are covered under the property policy. We have a 3% deductible with this current policy compared to the 5% we had with the former insurance company.
2. The claim has been submitted and we are awaiting a claim number from the insurance company as well as an underwriter to be assigned to the claim.
3. The property manager met with the landscaper yesterday and surveyed the damage to the landscaping. They are unable be on site to clean the property until next week and will charge by the hour for the cleanup. The company that trimmed the trees for the association in March will be on site tomorrow with a large crew and should be able to perform the cleanup in a single day.
4. The trees and shrubs around the property sustained wind and salt damage from the wind and storm surge. The association was very fortunate to have $50,000.00 in landscape replacement coverage in the new insurance package voted on by the Board in May. Most property policies do not include this coverage.
5. Atlantic Pools was on property to check the pools and pumps. Due to the fact that the electricity was off at the time, they were only able to shock the pools to prevent algae growth.
6. Staff have been working to remove debris and blow the hallways clear.
7. The tennis court area has been cleared of debris and the screen was put back up.

Status Update (September 14, 2017)

1. Bermuda Landscape (the company that maintains the irrigation system) was on site today to turn off the irrigation pumps. The system has sustained damage and their recommendation is to turn it off to prevent flooding or ground leakage.
2. Bermuda Landscape and Greener Image (our landscaping company) have relayed that watering the grass, trees and shrubs will not reverse the salt water damage to the plants.
3. The fire alarms that were beeping while the electricity was off CANNOT be turned off, it is against federal guidelines to do so. The property manager has contacted our fire alarm company, they will be on site tomorrow.
4. The security gate and entry system has sustained some damage due to the power surges experienced during the storm. The vendor has reset the entry system. They suggest we leave the gates open for a few more days to prevent damage to the system from continuing power surges.
5. The satellite pool will remain closed as resurfacing will begin next week.
6. The pool vendor will be on site tomorrow to start the pumps at the main pool and treat the water as necessary. The main pool will remain closed until it is stabilized.
7. Comcast has been notified that the internet on the property is not working, they will be on site tomorrow to troubleshoot the problem.
8. The Sewage issue associated with the “Lift Pump” has been fixed by the town.
9. The trash has been picked up from the dumpsters
10. The company that maintains the pond will be on site next week to clean and treat the pond.

Thank you on behalf of the Board of Directors

Kind regards,
The Yacht Club on the Intracoastal Management Team


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