Hurricane Irma – Post Storm Information and general update

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Hurricane Irma – Post Storm Information and general update.

An update: After the Storm

It has been a very busy few weeks since Hurricane Irma. The staff has worked diligently to clean the debris and downed foliage from the property.

All downed trees and fallen branches have been removed from the property.

The landscaping company was in on Tuesday, and Wednesday of this week to clean what was left of the debris and leaves and perform a final “sweep” of the property.

They will return early next week to cut the grass.

The pest and fertilization company was on site this week to assess damage to the plants and begin fertilization of the palms and trees.

Maintenance has continued to clean walkways, stairways and drains of fallen leaves.
They are moving through the community replacing light bulbs, fire exit signs and addressing smaller areas that need repair from the storm.
Maintenance has cleared the dog walk area of major debris; the fence will need to be repaired but is serviceable. The broken and damaged doors have been removed from the trash containers where possible.

The main pool area suffered some damage to the pavers on the south and east side of the pool. Two bids have been received to repair the areas affected.

Maintenance staff will fill areas around the seawall that occurred during the storm

The front entry system sustained damage during the storm. There is a short in the loop for the arm that works the resident gate. Work will need to be done next week to remove the pavers and repair the wiring. It is functioning at this time, but it may need to remain open if it begins to close by itself again.

The irrigation company has been on property to check the system and zones. There was a controller for 15 zones that was damaged in the storm. It will be replaced next week. Once that is replaced, they will then begin to make repairs to the system that were caused by the storm and downed trees.

The preserve area sustained quite a bit of damage. Many of the old growth trees were damaged in the storm. They have been crowned and hopefully the canopy will grow back with time. The area was cleaned out this week and the larger debris removed from the pond. The pond was treated for mosquitoes, treated for muck and will be cleaned of leaves and small debris next week. Once that is complete, the fountain will be raised so it can work unobstructed by debris and leaves.

The company that put on the roofs will be out next week to inspect all of the building roofs. This serves a two fold purpose; it is to look for damage from the storm and also to fulfill the requirement for the warranty on the roofs themselves.

To secure the warranty on labor and material, the roofs need to be inspected annually. This has not been done previously. There is a five year warranty on labor and 20 year warranty on material. The roofing contractor left tiles when he completed the job. We have them on property and he will use these as needed when he inspects.

The insurance adjuster was on property Wednesday of this week. He has been sent the photos from after the storm and was provided with a list of the damages that we have noted to date. We will be sending him all invoices for damage repairs and the process of the claim has started. He requested to inspect the roofs at the same time the roofing company inspects and he will accompany the roofer next week.

One of the systems that received damage during the storm was the camera/security system. The cameras were damaged by the water and the wind. We are acquiring bids for replacement of the cameras.

Work will being on Monday, October 2, 2017 on the fire sprinkler system under the docks. All marina slip owners have been notified. Wade Electric will be performing the work. They have informed us that the work will not impede with dock usage and the docks will remain open.

For the purposes of the 2018 budget, we have begun the process of securing bids to replace the boards on the dock. The board has requested that Mariana owners form a committee to give input on the budget for the Marina.

The satellite pool will remain closed until Monday, October 2, 2017. The resurface is complete. The LED light needs to be put in. The company is here daily to balance the pool and it should be completed by Monday. We will open the gates and take down the pool closed signs when it is ready.

There was in incident on property that occurred Wednesday PM. A resident of the complex was arrested for DUI as he returned to the property. Upon leaving the property, he ran into the Safety Patrol golf cart behind the guard house and then swiped the gate as he left the property. The police were called and were here watching the security videos of the accident when the man returned to the property. He was arrested and taken from the property. The insurance agent for the association was notified. We are waiting for the police report to be finalized. The man does have insurance and the agent for the association recommended filing through his insurance.
The golf cart will be disassembled for parts and removed from the entrance today.

Unrelated to the storm, the audit for 2016 is complete and you may contact the office directly to have a copy emailed to you. More updates to follow as the clean up process ends and the repair and replacement process begins.

Kind regards,
The Yacht Club on the Intracoastal Management Team


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